Rebecca Hedderly is a producer with an extensive career spanning all media. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

She graduated from Glasgow University in 1994 where she studied English and Psychology and initially worked as a sound engineer and road manager for the British indie label Too Pure, touring with bands throughout the USA and Europe.

In 1997 she moved to London to work as a runner in film and TV, quickly progressing to researcher for various documentaries. She joined the BBC in 1999 as a script editor, where she worked across several of their flagship drama series, seeing projects through from early script development to production. She was promoted to producer in 2002.

Since leaving the BBC she has worked consistently as a freelance creative producer, delivering high profile projects of all budgets to both UK and International broadcasters.  She has significant experience in stuntwork, SFX and foreign filming and in recent years has had a particular interest in digital media and it’s impact on traditional broadcasting.

She moved to Sydney in 2011, to join creative agency The Nest as their business manager, a role which included overseeing all video content and heading up their digital publishing unit, Branches.

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